• Welcome Home!

    Welcome to the Empyrion Homeworld Server | HWS!

  • Build for fame and glory

    PvP or PvE - all builder are welcome

  • Unique and challenging POIs

    A POI can be more than a quick stop-by

  • There is one Black Hole

    Can you escape the danger with boxes full of loot?

  • Events for everyone

    SV, HV, CV or BA events give you fame and profit

  • Stargate to other worlds

    Sometimes only Stargates can show you new and undiscovered worlds

  • Singleplayer in Multiplayer?

    Yes! No matter if you play Solo or Coop - you will find missions everywhere

  • For Community by Community

    Trade ships, Trade items, Alliances, Enemies and so much more. Thanks to the Community!

HWS Story / Features


The Alliance is a collection of people making the universe a better place. No matter if you are a Trader, Guardian or between. Together you fly, together you fall!

  • Good and easy income of Reputation Points

  • Better living and building conditions on your Origin Planet

  • Benefits for trading and protecting people in need with a big supply package
Unique Origin
  • The Epic Assault Rifle is your trademark

  • You start with a Medium Armor in a friendly environment

  • Good supplies for the start
  • Trade, Protect and Patrol

  • Conquer territory for your influence and be rewarded by doing so

  • Control the economy and territories
HWS Freelancer Origin


Freelancer do not know any limits - they are true Explorer and Adventurer! Are you able to find the secret code to unlock powerful treasures in the universe?

  • Origin with the most missions and rewards (RP inclusive)

  • Possible secret code keeper for ultra epic loot

  • Best skills for exploration and access to special Elemental Garage ships
Unique Origin
  • The Epic Laser Rifle is your trademark

  • You start with a Light Armor in an unknown story driven location

  • Best Origin for mid game
  • Explore and hunt for missions - together or alone

  • Unbiased Origin for Alliance and Lawless

  • Defender of special warp routes and secret locations


Lawless are the feared Origin in the universe. No matter if you are a Hunter or Pirate - you do whatever you can to attack and gain profit from it!

  • Hard but biggest RP gain Origin

  • Big RP and credit boost for living in PvP and hoarding Gold

  • Huge PvP and late game supply package
Unique Origin
  • The Epic Minigun is your trademark

  • You start with a Heavy Armor in a harsh environment

  • Best Origin for late game and PvP
  • Fight, Roam and Hunt together

  • Conquer territory for your power and be rewarded by doing so

  • Hunt for Gold, Live for Gold, be the Gold and you won't have any problems

HWS Features

HWS Connect

Only available on HWS: you can play Empyrion on a certain degree over the website or app!

Gameplay Features
  • Unique and careful handmade universe for everyone - PvE and PvP
  • Elemental Galactic Services - the most powerful organization in the whole universe
  • Orbital Cargo Drone - a dedicated virtual drone storing your items forever
  • Elemental Bank - the best economy you can buy for credits and RP (Lottery inclusive)
  • Trade ships, custom items in the Blackmarket or use special abilities like the EGS feature for even more fun
Server Features
  • HWS exclusive modifications such as restricted playfields for player, factions or origins and much more
  • Cross Server Warp - connecting HWS servers around the world together to provide even more goods and player interaction
  • Fair and detailed rules and guides to create a good community and gameplay for everyone
  • Powerful hardware to provide massive multiplayer fun
Community Features
  • A very active and innovative Forum / Discord for fast and easy communication
  • Events for everyone - bringing NA and EU player together for fame and glory
  • Community driven progress non-stop. Learning together and make the best Empyrion server possible

Elemental Galactic Services

Once you discovered their services you won't regret it - never!

Over 10 000 players played on HWS

3 servers available from America to Europe

HWS has over
150 000 playhours along the players