Welcome to the Empyrion Homeworld Server (HWS)

What sets HWS apart from the rest:

  • HWS Connect - See live stats on the website such as combat logs, auto miner information, and more!
  • Orbital Cargo Drone - store your items in a save place - see it in HWS Connect. The best way against PvP and full wipe loses!
  • CSW = Cross Server Warp. Warp from the HWS EU server to the HWS NA server with your ships easily. Explore new universes and meet new friends.
  • Fair rules and friendly player base with extremely active admins.
  • Custom chatbot with helpful commands available at all times and admin features. Use cb:? in game for more info.
  • Best selfprogrammed admin tool (EAH) out there made by jascha! No cheater goes undetected and admins can easily help players when necessary!
  • Elemental Bank to store your CR and allow you to send money to your friends. Use eb:? in game for more info.
  • Auto Miner which collects ores for you. Visit the HWS Connect Tab for more info.
  • Trade with others in the elemental marketplace - even ships!
  • 24 / 7 uptime with an extremely unique story for long term fun!
  • Huge custom universe with tons to explore and extremely difficult systems!
  • Active forums for any questions you may have or discussions you want to start!
  • Exclusive steam group to connect with other players!

If you need help, contact any of the following admins: Jascha, RexXxuS, Achilles, Kptn Kurt, Errowid or Candy.

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