• Welcome Home!

    Welcome to the Empyrion Homeworld Server | HWS!

  • Build for fame and glory

    PvP or PvE - all builders welcome

  • Unique and challenging POIs

    A POI can be more than a quick stop-by

  • There is only one Black Hole

    Can you escape the danger with boxes full of loot?

  • Events for everyone

    SV, HV, CV or BA events to bring you fame and fortune

  • Stargate to other worlds

    Sometimes only Stargates can show you new and undiscovered worlds

  • Singleplayer in Multiplayer?

    Yes! No matter if you play Solo or Coop - you will find missions everywhere

  • For The Community, by The Community

    Trade, War, Allies, Friends and Foes; all thanks to the Community!

The biggest Empyrion Multiplayer Server

HWS meets Empyrion

After thousands of manhours dedicated to making HWS a Server for the Players, we are proud to see the community growing into one of the largest in the Empyrion Galactic Survival Universe. This is what motivates us as we continue to work on new features, cool gameplay and innovative enhancements.

HWS Story / Features


The Alliance is a collection of factions working to make the universe a better place. No matter whether you’re a Trader, Guardian or somewhere inbetween; Together you fly, together you fall!

  • Simple and effective ways to earn Reputation Points

  • Better building and living conditions on your Origin Planet

  • Benefit from trading and protecting, with an increased supply package
Unique Origin
  • The Epic (Enhanced) Assault Rifle is your trademark

  • You start with Medium Armor in a hospitable environment

  • Good supplies from the start
  • Trade, Protect and Patrol

  • Conquer territory to spread your influence and reap the rewards

  • Control the economy and territories
HWS Freelancer Origin


Freelancer don’t know any limits. They are the true Explorers and the masters of Adventurer! Are you able to find the secret code to unlock powerful treasures in the universe?

  • Origin with the most missions and rewards (RP inclusive)

  • Secrets to unlock ultra epic loot

  • Access to special HWS Garage ships
Unique Origin
  • The Epic (Enhanced) Laser Rifle is your trademark

  • You start with Light Armor in a unique story driven location

  • Best Origin for mid game
  • Explore and hunt for missions - together or alone

  • Unbiased Origin for Alliance and Lawless

  • Defender of special warp routes and secret locations


Lawless are the most feared Origin in the universe. No matter whether you are Hunter or Pirate – attack, loot and gain profit.

  • Hardest Origin but the biggest RP gain

  • Big RP and credit boost for living in PvP and hoarding Gold

  • Huge PvP and late game supply package
Unique Origin
  • The Epic (Enhanced) Minigun is your trademark

  • You start with Heavy Armor in an unforgiving environment

  • Best Origin for late game and PvP
  • Fight, Roam and Hunt together

  • Conquer territory for reward, power and glory

  • Hunt for Gold, Live for Gold, Fight for Gold

HWS Features

HWS Connect

Only available on HWS: Connect to the game and control aspects of Empyrion from your Smart device or from our website.

Gameplay Features
  • A carefully crafted and unique universe for both PvE and PvP
  • Home of Elemental Galactic Services - the most powerful organization in the universe.
  • Orbital Cargo Drone - a dedicated virtual drone storing your items in total safety.
  • Elemental Bank - the best economy you can buy for credits and RP (Plus daily Lottery!).
  • Trade ships, rare items and loot in the Blackmarket and use the unique EGS commands for more exclusive features.
Server Features
  • Features exclusive to HWS for example: player, faction or origin restricted playfields and much more
  • Cross Server Warp - Connecting HWS Servers together to allow even more interaction, more loot and more adventures.
  • Comprehensive Guides and fair rules to maintain a great community and fairplay for all
  • Powerful hardware to provide massive multiplayer fun
Community Features
  • A very active and innovative Forum (and Discord) for fast and easy communication
  • Events for everyone - bringing NA and EU players together for fame and fortune
  • Community driven, non-stop progress. Learning together to make us the Number One Server choice for Empyrion.

Elemental Galactic Services

Once you’ve discovered their services, you will NEVER go back. EVER!

Over 10 000 players played on HWS

3 servers available from America to Europe

HWS has over
150 000 playhours along the players