How does HWS Connect work?

  • Login with your Steam Account
    ! Disclaimer !
    We (HWS) don't collect any sensitive data from you. The whole login procedure is done over steam. Read more about their Web API if you are still hesitating
  • After you logged in you choose the server you are playing on
  • In the Dashboard you can choose your features

Introduction to HWS Connect

Key facts:

  1. Our goal is to play Empyrion in a certain degree also over this website or our smartphone app (coming soon)
  2. Your Player data is synchronized every minute from the HWS Servers to the website / app
  3. It is secure and easy to use
  4. You can get Items, Credits and Reputation Points by doing special quests over HWS Connect
  5. Unique HWS features like the HWS Skill Tree. Extending your Player stats and more
  6. Extend your gameplay by having an Universe Scan, Proximity Log and more
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