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  1. Server Selection

    You can toggle your server selection here!

  2. Hotview List

    This area will contain your selected Hotview Items!

  3. HWSC Settings

    Manage your Hotview list from here, along with some other stuff too!

  4. Daily Loot

    Daily loot is now incremental! Don't skip a day and you can get up to 7x Rewards!

  5. Skill Tree

    The skill tree is now unique per server! You can CSW and claim rewards/build tree on each server!

  6. Orbital Cargo Drone

    Stores your stuff safely across wipes!

  7. OCD Backpack mode

    This view helps you move things out of the OCD and into your backpack!

  8. OCD Area

    Click, Shift Click, Ctrl+Shift Click, Right Click & Drag and drop into inventory area!

  9. Backpack Area

    Click, Shift Click, Ctrl+Shift Click, Right Click back into OCD area!

  10. Orbital Auto Miner

    Click Next to see how to buy your first OAM!

  11. Buy/Sell OAM

    Buy & Sell your OAM Levels by clicking the +/-, go ahead and buy your first level, it's free!

  12. OAM Backpack mode

    Just like the OCD Backpack mode!

  13. Introduction to HWS Connect Video

    Read more about HWS Connect
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Type "HWS" in the Multiplayer Lobby and choose the EU or NA Server - what ever location fits best for you.

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NPC Traders - Pending Approval

Your NPC Traders

If this list is empty and you have purchased at least 1 NPC trader on this server, please contact RexXxuS if your trader does not appear within 5 minutes from purchase time.

Click on Name & Items to edit your NPC Trader.

HWS NPC Trader

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WARNING! Highly experimental features! Use at own risk!

WARNING! Make sure you've been recently active on both servers!

WARNING! Keep OCD Slots Free until Warp has been Fully completed! Sometimes it may take a LONG time! Logging on the inactive server helps...

WARNING! You can only move a whole stack and only to an empty slot!

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The second option is to become a Patron. While this is easier for you to create a monthly subscription from $1-30 it is mostly about supporting us what we are doing here. However we like to give you something in return, so if you like HWS Connect in particular you can get special Patron features like more filter for your OCD and more.

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