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Since the beginning we’ve never wanted a pay 2 win server and still believe it is not needed with a great community. But of course running two Dual CPU machines, spending a lot of time in improving HWS and giving all of you support as good as we can in our spare time is quite a burden. Some facts:

  • The combined costs of providing the HWS servers and website to you is over $610 USD per month (just hosting costs)

  • we are helping everyone who is in need and trying to be online as much online as we can (Very Active volunteer Staff)
  • donations are completely voluntary and do not give significant advantages aside from Planets - Never special "donator" treatment

  • This is an active alpha system - We may add or remove your favorite features / change the donation system, we can’t please everyone. But let’s keep dialog open!
  • If you want to donate anonymously type in the card "(anony)" as your ingame name

  • One package counts for one of our servers. Choose from the proper dropdown below

  • HWS is not associated with Eleon Game Studios in any way

So we’ve developed the donor packages very carefully and hoping that it is a fun and cool way of supporting us but not game breaking. To prevent general pay 2 win situations regarding the Donator package the playtime is the important thing - newbies with 5 hours playtime cannot use full donor benefits. Please make sure to read the Detailed Information for each package by clicking on the orange information "i".

Our focus is really to have the best server available. We have no intentions of taking your money and running. As long as we see that you enjoy HWS / our work and can rely on your modest occasional contributions we will keep the server happily online and improve HWS all the time. Every donation is completely voluntary and every penny goes to maintaining the server! We all do this work voluntarily on our own free time, and use the funding directly for the server and this wonderful community. Thank you!

Refunds cannot be given - only in special cases under our discretions

HWS Donator Simulator

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HWS Donator

Become a lifetime HWS Donator with a lot of benefits!

15 €

HWS Donator in detail

Becoming a HWS donator means you get following benefits:

  • 2 donator commands depended on your playtime (type do:info for more information):
  • do:bp -> Every 10 hours playtime it let's you spawn any structure instant (up to 10 max) . All you have to do is fill up your factory and type do:bp
  • do:re -> Every 10 hours it playtime it gives you following package after a relog in your inventory (up to 10 max)
  • Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD) instant to level 3. Type ocd:info ingame for more information.
  • Donator Packages will be refilled after a full wipe automatically
  • Every time you donate this package again you get your packages refilled
OCD Level 5

Get OCD Level 5 straight away for any situation!

20 €

OCD Level 5 in detail

Your OCD get instant upgraded to level 5. This means:

  • you can store up to 50000 items in one slot
  • you have 100 slots available
  • best combination with Keep Blueprint Resources and EGS Recycle since all resources get pushed in the OCD.
Penthouse Donation | per season

Live in peace and your own house - totally safe and reserved for you!

10 €

EU: 56 / 100 left NA: 65 / 100 left
HWS Penthouse in detail

If you want to donate for a HWS Penthouse this means:

  • You get one Penthouse of 100s available - 50 per planet
  • Only your steam ID can enter this planet then (belong the other penthouse user)
  • The planet is PvE, indestructible and your house is indestructible and only accessible for you
  • 1 CV + 1 SV + 1 HV (all private) allowed to park near your penthouse
  • Only Private Structures allowed there. Do not change it to faction.
  • 1 penthouse per person per planet
  • no additional bases allowed there
  • No POIs there
  • one predefined resource type per planet - depends which planet you will choose
    either Iron (Penthouse East) or Sathium (Penthouse West)
  • Always let us know if you changed your ingame name so we can match it again properly to the Penthouse
  • contact RexXxuS please if you want your house on North or South planet and nearby friends for example
  • if your desired planet is full you have to take the other one - first come, first serve
  • house won't be deleted
  • house cannot be edited or amended in any way
  • 10 Euro per season
  • after a season it gets set to Adm faction again if not re-donating
All OAM level 10

Get all Orbital Auto Miner to Level 10!

25 €

OCD Level 5 in detail

By donating All Orbital Auto Miner Level 10 you get:

  • all 11 Orbital Auto Miner Resources unlocked
  • all 11 Orbital Auto Miner Resources set to level 10
Keep Structures (Holiday)

You are in Holiday? Just save your structures meantime!

15 €

OCD Level 5 in detail

This donation basically means:

  • You can store your structures if you have to go away (Vacation) for longer than 9 days
  • 9 days because this is the wipe time of the servers structures to keep performance high
  • As soon as you store your structure it will get removed instant and "parked safe" until you come back
  • You can't get your ship back before the given time by you (minimum 7 days store time)
  • After your vacation you can get ships on the position you currently are and bases where they stood before
  • Limitations: Structures CAN'T / WON'T stored throughout a full wipe and if another base got built where your previous base stood you can't restore it
Permanent Discord Channel

No temporary channels anymore. Stay in touch with your faction

7 €

Permanent Discord Channel

To keep Discord as clean as possible and help us to provide almost 24h support over it you get a permanent channel for the given faction name

Your NPC Trader

Create your own NPC Trader and get all the money! Items + Ships!

70 €

Your NPC Trader

Create your personal NPC Trader and get 50% of the money from your customers into your bank! No matter if items or ships, it should something there for you!

  • 1. What name should the Trader has?
  • 2. What welcome message if people enter
  • 3. What goodbye message if people leave
  • 4. What content (please see here for more information!)
  • 5. Where do you want it to be placed? (max. 16 available in NPC Trader Mall)
  • 6. You also wanna sell ships near your NPC Trader? (if room is available up to 8 in the NPC Trader Mall)
  • As soon as you bought this package just contact RexXxuS in the forum for your answers
Keep Blueprint Resources after full wipe

Your resources of your BP factory are safe. Read the information (i)

15 €

Keep your Blueprint Resources after full wipe

All of your resources from your blueprint factory will be transfered to your OCD! So please make sure you have enough slots / room in your OCD.
Maybe consider to upgrade your OCD to store more items in there. Best package in combination of the "HWS Donator" package.

Keep 500k Credits after full wipe

250k is just too low? Double it!

5 €

Keep 500k Credits after full wipe

You donate once and keep up to 500000 credits after the next full wipe and wipes in the future.

If you want to donate this for a friend of you please leave his name in the input field and increase the amount to 2 in the Cart.

Keep 5m Credits after full wipe

Should be enough for your next project

15 €

Keep 5m Credits after full wipe

You donate once and keep up to 5 million credits after the next full wipe and wipes in the future.

If you want to donate this for a friend of you please leave his name in the input field and increase the amount to 2 in the Cart.

Keep 70m Credits after full wipe

You are rich? Keep being rich!

30 €

Keep 70m Credits after full wipe

You donate once and have forever 70 million credits after the next full wipe and wipes in the future.

If you want to donate this for a friend of you please leave his name in the input field and increase the amount to 2 in the Cart.

Have your own planet | per season

The ultimate way to support HWS & getting the most unique thing back!

99 €

Sanctuary: 0 / 32 left
Your own planet

First of all: thank you for such a big support! You really want to immortalize yourself into the game? No problem.
As a bonus:
You get the HWS Donator package inclusive!

Regarding your planet please contact us after your transaction and tell us:

  • Check first what the different options mean here
  • The planet is available for one season and have to redonate to keep it active after
  • What name the planet should have?
  • What biome? Temperate, Lava, Snow, Mixed, etc.
  • Creating a planet takes some time and need to be tested very good
  • You can also create the planet by yourself and we test it afterwards

There are some limitations though:

  • Custom planets can't be set as starter planets
  • If it is a PvE planet only common resources as deposits / meteorites are allowed (Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Silicon, Magnesium, Sathium)
  • The orbit is always PvP
  • Planet taxes are applied as soon as you have >= 100 structures on it.
  • Only one planet per server and person
  • Everything needs to be common sense and not massive of pentaxid or eggs for example
  • No Tradingstations allowed on restricted planets
  • If you don't tell RexXxuS before a next season that you want your planet to be active it will be not implemented until there is room for it later!
Changes can always be made since it is a big integration to the production server. Please contact the admins for the procedure.
Custom Donation

Shut up and take my money? Thank you!


Custom donation amount

No package the right one? You just want to support our hard work? Thank you!
If the amount is above 17€ you get the HWS Donator automatically.
For other requests just contact us.

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