HWS Connect

  • See your player statistics

    Your data from the game is synchronized with the website.

  • Every HWS universe data is here

    Your global scan ability is active? Start your scan here

  • Check your Orbital Cargo Drone anywhere

    No matter if you are on desktop or smartphone. Your beloved OCD is with you

  • Your revenge is up to you

    Who attacked you this time? Check it out

  • Check all of your structures

    Any time a fast overview of all of your structures

  • Check NPC Trader out

    Special NPC Trader are waiting for your credits

  • HWS Economy everywhere

    Check your Elemental Bank balance and more

How does HWS Connect work?

  • Login with your Steam Account - ! Disclaimer ! We (HWS) don't collect any sensible data from you. The whole login procedure is done over steam. Read more about their Web API if you are still hesitating
  • After you logged in you choose the server you are playing on
  • In the shown Dashboard you can choose your features

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